An unexpected trip to Holy Island

On Sunday morning I found myself throwing a random collection of belongings into a bag and driving for six hours across the country because someone I love needed me. It wasn’t exactly on how I had planned on spending my Sunday, but something unexpectedly lovely came out of the tension and the worry. On the return trip, after establishing that the person I love most in the world hadn’t inflicted terrible damage on himself and he’d be fine in a few days’ time, my father and I made the trip over the causeway to Holy Island. It was a glorious, blue-skied spring day. And I didn’t have a camera. Well, I did. But not my usual dSLR that bends to my every whim and for which I have plenty of lenses. It was my iPhone 4 that still runs iOS 6 and has a wildly compromised battery.

Photographers will always tell you that the best camera is the one that you have with you. So that’s what I used. Some worked, some didn’t. These are my favourites.

Oh, and I’ll be going back, with a camera bag laden with lenses.