What I do


I’ve written two books, co-authored another, and worked on many more in an editorial or contributory capacity. They’re all listed on my books page. You’ll find lots of my writing floating around the Intergoogles, too.

Once upon a time I was a teacher, but I realised that I much preferred informal, extra-classroom learning to standing between 30 fourteen-year-olds and a white board. After leaving the classroom, one of my proudest achievements was to produce Atching Tan, an education pack for the Romany Theatre Company. It’s an extensive resource for teachers, full of information, lesson ideas, and activities, that is based around the Romany/ Gypsy/ Traveller community.


Day-to-day, I am the editor of Photocritic. I’m also the senior mistress of the Photocritic Photography School. If you’re interested in learning more about photography, please do sign up for our (at the moment) free course!


If you’d like to commission me to help you with a project, my commissions page details how I can help you. Or you could just drop me an email.

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